observations of the world which will

have meaning to the spectators.  -Ansel Adams

 through the medium of photography-


It is my intention to 

"I have a plan a,b, and c. Not just for photography either. You need a tidestick? your dress needs to be sewn? no problem. Safteypins, umbrella, advil, gum, double sided tape, hairspray, floss, I got you! Whatever helps the day run smoothly. You should be able to trust your photographer, so you can be present for the day.. You can trust me."

happy you're here

My style is a blend of photojournalism and fine art. (If you add a second photographer they will have the same style) Which matches my approach perfectly. I want to get to know you as a couple, I want you to get comfortable with me. Let's grab coffee or a cocktail as we talk about your love and the vision you have for your wedding day. I want to know all the details!
Whether an elopement or a wedding with a 400 person guest list I will be dedicated to documenting your love story authentically. During the day of, I will be very involved for the fine art portions of the day. I will scout the best lighting, climb a tree to hang the dress, I will rearrange furniture, I may even bring furniture in! (yes, I've been known to keep a small love seat in my truck. hey, you never know when you may want it for an empty field or the middle of a city street.) I want you to be transported back to the day when you look at your photos but also feel like a model. During the parts of the day like getting ready, ceremony, first dance, mingling with guests, and when you're on the dancefloor is when I will be taking a photojournalistic approach. This is where I'm using not only my experience but my intuition as well, anticipating the moments. Usually the right lighting, perfect composition, and subject align for just a second, and then it's gone. 
After the wedding every photo will be edited with a timeless style. I look forward to delivering honest photos to share for a life time.         


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