Hello! I'm Dee, owner and head photographer at 13 One. I have been photographing weddings full time for 11 years, It's my dream job, and I absolutely love it! My style is mostly photojournalistic and illustrative, with a bit of traditional. I will get you beautiful photos that will evoke emotions for years to come, I will also make sure you are comfortable through the process and have a great time. With my experience I can help you get the most beneficial timeline, help keep the events of the day on time and flowing, Bridesmaids struggling with the bustle? - I got you! You need a crochet hook for the buttons? I carry one! The vibe and flow of the day is so important, it shows through the photos. And I'm here to help with that!
FUN FACT: 13 One comes from Corinthians 13:1,, although a scripture from the bible I believe it transcends religion, and I picked it because it is the best description of love I've ever heard. (it's the one that starts "love is patient, love is kind"....)  Also a lot of websites list vendors in alphabetical order, with numbers first, so it seemed like good business move too! 
I look forward to hearing about you, and your love story!



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