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Glad you're here! Photography is a huge part of the wedding day and your photographer inevitably influences the experience. My objective is to give you an amazing experience from start to finish, which will show through your photos.

My name is Dee. I'm a natural born story teller, I'm a good balance of  enthusiastic and laid-back. Lover of coconut coffee, live music, and anything scented lavender. I have been excited about photography since I can remember.. When I was 10, I got grounded for tacking my Mom's "fancy" tablecloth to the wall, to use as a backdrop to take photos of the neighborhood kids. I still have those photos and I am still excited after 13 years and over 500 weddings. I have gratitude everyday that my passion is also my career.
I draw inspiration from beautiful scenery and architecture, Wes Anderson, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ram Dass, but mostly love.
Info on my approach in the About section.  

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